Week 2 (June 6)

“Twitter is the back fence you share with your neighbors. Except your neighbors are people all over the world”


In Class:

Stump your group – 21st Century Skills – create a challenging question based on the lecture content up to that point/Share one or more questions/answer as a group(take notes)/Report to class – Resource – Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework

Brainstorm via Popplet – Digital Immigrant v. Digital Native – Resources – Marc Prensky & John White’s Digital Visitor v. Resident

Personal Learning Networks – Twitter (http://wefollow.com/, Twitter Directory, Follow ME ) & Diigo (Social Bookmarking in Plain English, Follow MU_ED554 )


Required Reading/Exploring/Watching:

If you were on Twitter – by Scott Mcleod

Frontline – Generation Like (53:41) – PBS

Rosenthal Tolisano, Silvia. “Digital Storytelling – Part I.” Langwitches Blog. N.p., Apr.-May 2008. Web. 11 June 2012. <http://langwitches.org/blog/2008/04/19/digital-storytelling-part-i/>.

Rosenthal Tolisano, Silvia. “Digital Storytelling – Part II.” Langwitches Blog. N.p., Apr.-May 2008. Web. 11 June 2012. <http://langwitches.org/blog/2008/04/25/digital-storytelling-part-ii/>


Post 1 response on your blog/class preparation:

1 – After watching Generation Like, respond to this question on your class blog. How does understanding how children use the Social Web prepare us for our instruction in the classroom?

2- Please bring headsets/laptops (if you would like to work outside the lab) to our next class. Here is a headset I like.

3 – Plan for Digital Imagery & Image Manipulation (Pixlr) in lab activity. Bring images that you may want to use and check out these ideas for inspiration.

Ideas: Explore perspectives; visualize similes; illustrate principles with self-portraits; place self in literature or history; create illustrations of principles or functions; use an improbable scene as a writing prompt

4 – Digital Storytelling Project Prep
You can tell any kind of story with this group project. My goal for this project is that you use  ’new-to-you’ technology tools to create a video that includes audio- narration and/or music sound track in class (some planning for this project might need to happen outside of class – Use Google Docs).  I recommend no more than 10 minutes.

Think of this assignment as practice for incorporating Digital Storytelling into your classroom (and maybe your unit plan). Your digital story can;

  • retell a story/fairy tale/myth/legend
  • retells a story about  a famous figure-Biography/place/event covered in your Standards
  • reflection on a life event
  • movie trailer for the documentary you hope to create in the future

Consider the following elements when planning and producing your Digital Story;

  1. Point of View – What is the main point of the story and what is the perspective of the author?
  2. A Dramatic Question – keeps the viewer’s attention and will be answered at the end.
  3. Emotional Content – issues that come alive in a personal way and connects the story to the audience.
  4. The Gift of Your Voice – personalize the story.
  5. The Power o the Soundtrack – music to support and embellish the story.
  6. Economy – using just enough content to tell a story without overloading the viewer.
  7. Pacing – the rhythm of the story and how slowly or quickly it progresses.

On Friday, we will demo software that you can use to produce/publish and promote.

** Have one member of your group Comment on this post with all the names of your group before you leave.

Some Inspiration:)


Optional Reading/Exploring/Watching:

The Digital Diet @ http://wapo.st/mHfHeS

Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation @ http://youtu.be/c0xa98cy-Rw

Fox, Jo-Ann. “Twitter Is My Teacher Superpower: 5 Steps to Make It Yours.” The Huffington Post. TheHuffingtonPost.com, 02 Dec. 2013. Web. 27 May 2014.

“Personal Learning Networks for Educators: 10 Tips – Getting Smart by Guest Author – Edchat, EdTech, PLN.” Getting Smart Personal Learning Networks for Educators 10 Tips Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 May 2014.


6 thoughts on “Week 2 (June 6)

  1. Tina P., Tina W., Najma K., Mike G. are doing Nana Tiya’s Friends, an original story by Tina P. The story is based on the legend of the Chinese zodiac animals for their digital story.

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